Babies get the best gear.

Seriously, They do. Through the generosity of our friends we’ve been equipped with the top of the line Fisher Price Underwater Adventure Swing Thingy that is just awesome. Who wouldn’t like this sized just for them. Let’s run down the features:

  • 6 speed transmission
  • Built in light show
  • Built in sound system
  • Overhead special FX – Glitter Fishies
  • Custom upholstery (removable, washable)

And it goes on from there. I want one (maybe add a cupholder).

On the developmental side, she’s doing great. Eatin, Poopin, Sleepin – the full range of newborn activity is in effect. Quick checkup scheduled tomorrow for weight and bilirubin levels and she’s good to go.

Next entry: Feeling the parental instinct kick in at the blood draw station.

The recommendation engine is scaring me.

I’m driving home with a load of groceries, listening to Morning Becomes
Eclectic on KCRW and I hear a Z-trip song (with one of the J5 guys
Dakir (sp?))  Thinking: Cool, I haven’t heard much about him since
days he did sets in Phoenix, glad to hear him, nice cut, etc. etc.

Two minutes ago, out of nowhere the mail notifier goes off:

Dear Customer,

We’ve noticed that customers
who have purchased
by Handsome Boy Modeling School also purchased the work of
Z-Trip. For this reason, you might like to know that Z-Trip’s Shifting
will be released on April 19, 2005. You can pre-order your copy
at a savings of 15% by following the link below.

It’s kind of spooky, but it does help in my search for Slack -
Slack in this case being not having to think about a thing and having
content served up to me. Eat your heart out MMJB/YME – This
recommendation just blew the ass out of anything I’ve seen on my home
page in the respective  products…

Progress has been made with the cats

Progress has been made with the cats. Although Oscar
frequently adopts the “flat cat” pose when she’s around (enabling him
to pass underneath closed doors and head for the hills) Gus (pictured)
is an inquisitive, gentle beast.  I’m beginning to formulate some
key theses about parenting and I’m excited to discover that a part of
the relationship is observation – the ultimate people (or person)
watching extravaganza. Fascinating. I think I just heard her belch. I
must investigate.

Entry for April 18, 2005

Dang! Here it is…even though I knew it was coming fatherhood snuck up
on me. On Thursday Tanya’s  water broke  and we took her to
the hospital. She wasn’t having contractions so they induced labor -
about 6 hours later (4:29 a.m.) we had a little  girl on our
hands, Elle Kathryn Ochenas. She was  6 lbs. 5 oz. and 21 inches
long, healthy and beautiful. T is a total champ and made it look easy -
even with the induction she went natural and sped right through it.
We’re home now and surrounded by goodwill and the support of our loved
ones. Thanks to everybody for the well wishing, flowers, calls, gifts
and the rest. Half the joy of this process (at least so far) has been
the way everyone has rallied round us. A particular shout goes out to
all the good people at work who’ve been so cool and supportive of me
jumping ship halfway through the 1.1 effort – you’ll get your
investment back in Arthur (That’s a familiar sounding statement, huh?)
. Much love to all,


Entry for April 13, 2005

I told you I hated blogging but here you are anyway. You must be some kind of glutton for punishment. What the hell is wrong with you? You’re probably some kind of blogger, or perhaps a blog afficianado…sheesh. Go back to work, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Don’t forget to check back often for updates!