Rapid Prototyping – Making it Real

I couldn’t agree more with this post over at Adaptive Path:

At Adaptive Path, we employ rapid prototyping in nearly every design iteration. Our clients enjoy the benefits of risk reduction and concept validation, and through prototyping with standardized kits, we also avoid unnecessarily long timelines and bloated budgets.

I have long been an advocate of lo-tech, hi-impact approaches to visualizing and communicating ideas; time spent fiddling with comps and hi-fidelity presentations early in the process could be better used to explore and accept/reject additional ideas – get a big bucket of ideas and sort out the garbage (or recycles) as quickly as possible. ┬áThe post above is broader in scope than this single topic, covering concepts of interdisciplinary work but is spot on for my little corner of work and appeals greatly to the industrial designer in me.


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