Babies get the best gear.

Seriously, They do. Through the generosity of our friends we’ve been equipped with the top of the line Fisher Price Underwater Adventure Swing Thingy that is just awesome. Who wouldn’t like this sized just for them. Let’s run down the features:

  • 6 speed transmission
  • Built in light show
  • Built in sound system
  • Overhead special FX – Glitter Fishies
  • Custom upholstery (removable, washable)

And it goes on from there. I want one (maybe add a cupholder).

On the developmental side, she’s doing great. Eatin, Poopin, Sleepin – the full range of newborn activity is in effect. Quick checkup scheduled tomorrow for weight and bilirubin levels and she’s good to go.

Next entry: Feeling the parental instinct kick in at the blood draw station.

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