West Coast Z Car Nationals

Well, through the kindness and support of Mom and Wifey I was able to slip the surly bonds of homelife and head to the car show yesterday, where I spent exactly 30 minutes racing the aisles, snapping pictures and gesticulating wildly.

Full Disclosure: My relationship with automobiles is rather love/hate. On the one hand, they’re a huge resource suck for the planet and at the very center of our society’s obsessive consumer attitudes – cars can really bring out the worst in people.  On the other hand, people can express themselves with cars and come up with creative solutions to interesting problems.

There are some more photos over in my album but I chose this one to pull out as my show favorite. Not satisfied with putting a 383 c.i. V8 in a car that weighs little more than a toaster oven, this fella chose to add twin turbos…resulting in ~750 hp at the flywheel and 0-60 times of 2 seconds. Sick.

Here comes the problem solving: The car is also carbureted – how to handle the tricky air intake? By enclosing the entire carb in a plenum fed by the turbo outputs, he created a cool black box (or silver, as the case may be) effect. Overall this was the tightest, most minimal, slickest and probably most effective engine swap in the show. If you’re at all interested in seeing how people take this classic little sports car and turn it into  some wild things, visit www.hybridz .org

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