Time keeps on slippin…

The most odd thing so far about parenting a newborn is the absolutely screwy nature of time. It was a given that my schedule would go all to hell and there’s no news there, but the thing I hadn’t counted on was the distortion of time. Minutes take hours, hours evaporate without warning and day turns to night then back to day again in a blink. 

It becomes even more interesting to get things done in this state. Missions are planned, built and scrubbed based on the flexible bullet of my child’s feeding cycle.  This gives a whole new meaning to the concept of “syncing roadmaps” . We start to sketch out something to do and then start building towards doing it. Meanwhile, the big countdown clock of the child starts and stops, stutters and sometimes even seems to run backwards. Throw in local traffic conditions and the window for the operation becomes narrow. Usually we hit the mark but often enough we have to slide something out and try again later.

Regardless, it has all been great so far. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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