H2G2 is out. Verdict: Disney zarked it up

Nothing is ever as good as you hope it to be in the movie world. One of my favorite literature franchises gets dumbed down and sapped up for America. It didn’t suck as bad as it could have but it wasn’t as great as it should have been.

Pluses: Good casting, nice visual style, decent reinterpretation of plot lines for a movie. I particularly liked the Guide voiceovers and napster-esque flash movie descriptions. Marvin was great.

Minuses: Stupid love story sub-plot and overuse of Vogons for the apparently necessary “bad guys”, questionable score.

Favorite included surprise: The sliding doors that gave subtle sighs of pleasure as you pass through them.

See it if you must…but I suggest this be filed under “rental” – and only if you’re a fan who needs to say they saw it. Selah.

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