Tagging Update

There’s a new RC for one of the programs mentioned below that makes the other program irrelevant. Go download Tag & Rename 3.2 RC 2 and get busy.

This is not a terribly easy to understand product but it is all powerful and it has special support for Media Center built in. If you’ve got a library project to undertake, start here. You’ll get 30 days free and it’s $30 bucks for the full version.

Go to www.softpointer.com

Another update: If you’re a Media Center user you’ve probably wanted to convert dvr-ms files into a smaller format. There was a freeware app that supposedly did this but it was pretty limited and always seemed to crash during batch jobs. Enter Digital Media Converter. It has a nice set of controls and will work with any codecs you have (I prefer DivX). It also seems to be pretty fast, transcoding at .9x – 1x. Free trial that drops a watermark can be found here:


Enjoy – hit me with any questions you may have.

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