A Note Regarding the Importance of Random

Just a reminder: No matter how good the recommendation algorithm, on it’s best day it can’t match the serendipitous awesomeness of the good random set from my collection. Unexpected juxtapositions come and go and you get to enjoy the zero-effort playlist. Sometimes a genre hits the ear just right and the Song Oracle delivers back-to-back goodness. There’s no effort to craft, earning the triple-song score. Because it all comes from my songs, it’s prescreened for righteousness (at least for me). There’s a place for lots of new tunes but there’s also a place for a healthy dose of favorites.

Tonight I’ve heard some great jump blues,  dub, indie, chillout, and rock: Big Joe Turner, Dub Syndicate, !!!, Nightmares on Wax and Monster Magnet and dozens of other great tracks. And it just keeps coming, even now as I type, Z-Rock Hawaii wants to have a word with me.

Make sure that eventually you get a button installed at the top that reads “Shuffle Play All” with no repeats before they’re all done. Matt: Think we can get this on the backlog for the next release?

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