My greatest fear: I may have peed on my toothbrush

I’ve been fighting a back pain issue for a few years now. Once my right leg went numb and I started limping I figured it was time to ratchet the care up a notch. So on Thursday I had microsurgical discectomy of my L5/S1 disc. On the whole, things went well. The surgeon described the herniation as “huge” but they got me squared away . I still have a lot of numbness (crushed nerves take a while to bounce back) and post-surgical pain (chewing up a percocet every hour or so, wOOt!) but I think it’s gonna get better eventually.

Major issue though: Impaired mobility/inability to bend and lift the toilet seat, coupled with an aversion to turning on the W.C.’s super bright light in the wee hours found me peeing into my sink about 2:30 this morning. Crikey, I hope my aim was true.

I don’t think there’s anything else to say but I have to ask, have my methods become unsound? Has a line been crossed? Will I ever be able to brush again?

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