Wildly out of date

So on the hierarchy of stuff to do in my free time, blogging is running pretty much dead last. When I was out on leave it was easy…but now that I’m back to work I find my tolerance for data entry waning. Especially when my mind is abuzz with scintillating HCI subjects like “Data Grid Action Point Strategies ” (or whatever). Nope, just can’t seem to get it together to sit down here and ramble much any more.

Baby Update: Elle is great, what else can you say. She eats and sleeps (She got 5 hours last night). Interaction is still pretty one-sided – she gazes pretty intently and is starting to understand that her hands are actually an extension of herself. No real smiles or coos, tho.

Mom sent me some dough for the birthday, and I blew it all on a laserpod Can’t ever have too many trippy light shows, in my book. This one was made by some kinda light artist who has apparently done work for Massive Attack. Review to follow.

Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs

Book of the day. Well, actually, yesterday.

Chuck is a writer for SPIN, which I can forgive in light of this pretty decent set of essays he put together. Chuck likes to “deconstruct” pop culture and uses the word “postmodern” a lot but I can forgive those things too. Mostly this book is funny as hell and has a lot of great screeds including some of the following topics:

  • Why the Pam and Tommy Sex tape is not sexy at all
  • The exclusionary nature of Sugar-Based breakfast cereals
  • Why soccer is stupid and should be outlawed
  • The nature of cover/tribute bands such as “Paradise City”
  • And much more…

A great read in a day and the Santa Monica library has it on the shelf (or they will when I return it). Checkit.

Read more about it here.

I love livin’ in the city

Warning: Strong Language below

“My house smells just like a zoo, It’s chock full of shit and puke”

- Lee Ving

So aside from the cuddly moments, there is a ton of overhead being a new dad, much of which comes in the form of dealing with the cast off foodstuffs of my housemates as well as their various effluvia. Today I have encountered, and bested:

  •  Kitty Litter (Soiled)
  • Hairballs
  • Reflux (Small Curd)
  • Projectile Poop (approx. 3 ft range)
  • Muddy houseplant water dripping on my new sneaks
  • Dirty dishes
  • Soiled laundry (was that towel just wet or was it…ohmigod…)
  • My own hygenic pecadilloes

But remember: That which does not kill you gives you a low grade infection that you’ll fight for days.